Saturday, August 3, 2019

Anonymous Email Address created and ready to use

Congratulations, you created Anonymous Email Address
Adding Google Groups to the mix of Anonymous Email Address will simply mean an excellent way to convey thoughts and express ideas concerning different aspects of email and how we all can learn to keep our privacy intact.

There will also be an easy to view Google Group located @ Anonymous Email Address Info for ease of viewing and participation.

Add people to your group
Invite people to join your Google group, or add members directly.
Learn about adding members
Share Google Docs and Calendars directly with your group
Working with shared documents and calendars has never been easier than with Google Groups. Share your files with the group and it will automatically update whenever someone is added or removed from the group.
Learn about sharing with Groups
Get organized
Google Groups has several options for organizing content in your discussion group including: categories, tags, and tracking topic resolutions.
Learn about advanced Groups features
Start a new group. Visit the help center.

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