Monday, August 26, 2019

Why I Left Facebook


The creation of a new idea for Internet promotion is one that deals with thought, visualization, realization and the beginning of work and effort to put forth content that will be seen by readers, and picked up by the search engine spider bots of Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, Yandex, DuckDuckGo and all of the other major players in search engine land.  This process deals directly with domain purchasing, and then setting forth the process of promoting the domain name to gain search engine positions where the information and images posted will be found by those seeking such information on the world wide web.

This is exactly the process being used in the building and growiing of the domain name CBD OKIE @  This domain name does NOT sell marijuana. hemp, cbd or any related products.  Its a news reporting service where information is gathered and assimilated out to the Internet and readers via the world wide web of information.  It is NOT a selling site.  It is a newsworthy endeavor created by Anonymous Email Address for the purpose of building a great domain name that talks about legalization of marijuana in the state of Oklahoma.  The new laws have legalized medicinal grade pot for public use.  This is brining about a storm of mom and pop pot shops in the Tulsa and Oklahoma City, area like has never before been seen.  Exciting, thought provoking and totally engrossing, this story needs to be told, and told correctly so that the readers around the globe can get the best information about the topic of marijuana in the USA in 2019.

CBD OKIE is Born!

The beginning of the story is that social media incorporated with great content all leads to improved search engine ranking and readers.  This is precisely what we do, and what we have done for years on the web.  There is absolutely nothing happening on the domain name that is not within the guidelines for great Google reporting procedures.  Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Redditt, IBO Toolbox and others were setup and the process of writing content began.  Simple news reporting about the legalization of marijuana in Oklahoma was/is the topic of discussion.  Much of the content is derived from personal perceptions of hemp and cannabis combined with resources from around the web.  It is all coming together quite nicely as traffic is generating properly and the process is moving  forward nicely.

Then Facebook Entered the Picture

Just a couple of days ago, logging into Facebook,  the weirdest message came across.  It reads as follows:  This post goes against our Community Standards on spam.  This image, created by me for the purpose of using on social medial outlest is called spam.  Seriously, are you kidding me?  Not only that, but anywhere the link CBD OKIE @ appeared on the Facebook website, they have removed as spam!  After having been on the Internet for a very long time, I KNOW exactly how to write original content.  I KNOW how to promote on the web.  I have been doing this for a long time and NEVER have I ever been accused of using spam!!!  To remove my work and content is a slap in the face of all authors who work hard to bring content to the web in a professional, logical and readable format.  This is EXACTLY what online promotioin is all about, and the NaziBot at Facebook just took away my work.  Well, needless to say, I am pissed, and this is the reason for this article.

Why Did I Leave Facebook?

I will not be held hostage on my excellent content by some third party moderator that would not know good content if it hit them in the butt.  I will NOT be held hostage or be told that I am a spammer by the King of Spammers, Facebook.  After all, you DO realize that Facebook was born from a hacked database of a University, right?  Oh  yes, Zuckerberg is NOT the genius you may perceive him to be.  Rich of course.  But no genius at all.  He just know how to work the Internet to HIS advantage and now his flunkies talk about community standards?  Give me a break!

Now this is not the first time this author has suffered attacks from moderators on Facebook.  I find this amazing as I have always been driven to perfection in content creation on the web.  Never have I spammed one time, and never would I ever.  Spam is a curse word in my vocabulary, and I totally resent the implications of being called this.  So Facebook, you brought this war.  Do your best!

The Main Issue with Facebook Moderators

Having power to censor content should ONLY be given out to those who are sensible and professional with the power.  Simply having someone look at something and go, he is out, is NOT moderation.  It is total and complete Internet Censorship and should not be tolerated by anyone for any reason.  My little voice here cannot match the unrivaled power of Zuckerberg and his Facebook Fanatics;  however, here on the web, we all have the right and the responsibility to state our case and purpose, even though we DO NOT HAVE this right on Facebook.  We are held total and complete hostages by Facebook bots, and I personally, choose not to waste my time and energies trying to get through to them.

Here is the latest piece of educational based Facebook great content.

So this is great original content Facebook Nazi Mods?  Well, in that case, I rest my case!!!

Anonymous Email Address is All About Eliminating Spam!

Do You Need Spam Email?

I do not know about you, but here at Anonymous Email Address, we literally detest spam email. After all, my inbox was not created for some jerkoff whose primary purpose in this life is to take information and post it around the globe to people who do not wish to see it, and as a matter of fact, will go to any lengths to stop it. Spam email is invasive, an invasion of our privacy, and something that we all should take seriously if we are entering the hallowed halls of the world wide web on any level. Spam email is invasive to us and our phones and computers, and trillions are spent in the pursuit of putting out needless garbage to us that we do not want.
When you buy a new cell phone, this comes with spam included! When you purchase domain names, and do not private register them, guess what? You will literally be inundated with more spam than you can handle by so called, webmasters, seeking to sell you something that you do not need or want. Register on a site, any site found on the web, and once again, you will receive spam email by the ton, without you lifting a single finger. This is totally ridiculous!

Spam Email is Inevitable!

Its a fact that spam email is going to happen, BUT, there is a work around to this problem. Simply click the banner above, and be taken to one of the best ways to remedy your spam email issues. Its FREE and works extremely well to begin sorthing and cleaning out your inbox. Anonymous Email Address suggests this highly to anyone on the web today!

True Story About Spam Email

Some time ago, I decided to purchase, and host a few domains at a domain and hosting company of which I was made aware of by being in another program at the time. Supposedly, this was a reputable and reliable hosting service and I purchased domains and hosting like I have been doing for years and years. This particular time was different. Immediately after purchasing the domain name, I began receiving spam emails by the hundreds at first, then turning into the thousands! My private email had been added to a list of people and organizations who apparently provided SEO services. These idiots were all over that email address like you cannot believe! In short, I recieved tens of thousands of emails wanting me to buy stuff that I did not want, had not signed up foir and certainly did not need! At this point in time, my thinking turned towards this issue of Internet privacy and email spam. I decided to become an anti-spam advocate which I am very much so today.

Spam is Not Needed and Should Not Be Tolerated!

Anonymous Email Address is on a mission. That mission is to write about, talk about, create more information, data and images concerning how to eliminate spam than all other information written about the topic today. Oh yes, it will be a long arduous journey, but its quite ok. I have been on long journalese on the world wide web for years and years. This is nothing new!


Anonymous Email Address said...

This decision to leave Facebook does not come from this one isolated incident. This comes from years of tyrannical and unreasonable censorship from a company, Facebook, that does not want any content written that is not paid for, or relationship driven. In other words, Facebook is a dating, if you can call it that, site designed for the use of those seeking to find a relationship of some sort. It is not meant for anything like information or business building, even though they do sell ads. Also, it is interesting to note that Facebook is NOT an effective online marketing tool. After years in the business of building and growing businesses interest on the web, I personall have not earned $1 from my efforts on Facebook. No matter what others tell you, it is not for business, other than their own business...LOL

Anonymous Email Address said...

To have the links stripped from your content is something that is not to be believed. Just imagine, think of working, writing, planning, creasting, visualizing and being motivated to use Facebook in a positive way to talk about the subject of #marijuana #cbd #cannabis and other elements in Oklahoma these days, which, by the way, is causing quite a stir, and then having some Nazi style Facebook moderator look at the info posted and go "that does not meet our community standards:" and then completely strip all the links to the website in question, and calling it a spam site on top of all of that? Pissed? OH HELL YEAH I AM PISSED! Here you go Facebook. CBD OKIE @ SPAM SITE MY ASS!!!

Anonymous Email Address said...

Since scammers from Nigeria and South Africa are allowed to blast out their stuff, it leads this author to think that Zuckerberg is taking huge rakes of profit from them. That is all that seems to be on Facebook these days!!! and CBD OKIE @

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