Friday, September 27, 2019

Anonymous Email Address-The Mission

Anonymous Email Address-The Creation

First, the thought and visualization came to the author of Anonymous Email Address.  Flying past the conventional advertising format, this was/is to become a site of trust.  A site that is totally and completely free of advertising of any sort.  A website where anyone can come, read, engage, comment and share the news that is found within the pages.  This site is not like most of the digital trash found on the web in 2019.  Distinctly simple, different, with all original content born from an author who has served the needs of the people for many years and is now opting into something totally new and different.  Anonymous Email Address sets new standards of excellence for creative thought and writing and is willing to tell the true story about various online practices and ramblings that happen on a daily basis on the world wide web of deceit.

The associated Twitter account is an ever changing and evolving entity.  Full of the happenings of Anonymous Email Address, the site destined to become a trusted site in the future. 



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